Mandeltanne Original sprinkled, available: 22.11. - 31.12.23

CHF 5.00
From   100 pz CHF   4.90
From   250 pz CHF   4.80
From   500 pz CHF   4.70

The delicious edible decoration won’t be on display for long!

Baked Christmas tree covered with chocolate couverture and decorated.



Our almonds come from Spain, and our hazelnuts are from Turkey.

Shelf life

35 days following date of production

Allergy information

Gluten, eggs, milk, almonds, hazelnuts, soy, malt barley extract


Sugar, egg white, butter, wheat flour, almonds (10%), hazelnuts, milk chocolate couverture 8% (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, lactose, Milchzucker, Magermilchpulver, Emulgator Sojalezithin, Gerstenmalzextrakt, natürliches Vanille-Aroma), Bittermandeln, Zuckerstreusel (Zucker, Weizenstärke, Glukosesirup, färbende Konzentrate: Kürbis, Apfel, Radieschen, Tomate, Zitrone, schwarze Johannisbeere, Karotte, Saflor, Spirulina, Hibiskus), Aroma (Vanilleextrakt)

Nutritional values

100g contains: 537 kcal (2,244 kJ), 32.1g fat, 54.8g carbohydrate, 7.4g protein, 0.1g salt